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Art in Pandemic times.
Extend a hand to help our art community 
The COVID-19 crisis has hit nearly every major sector of the economy, but for the local arts community, the bad news has come especially fast and swift. Within the visual arts community, local artists and gallery owners are now being forced to adapt to an entirely unfamiliar circumstance; a world in which are shows, openings and workshops as we have known them are not longer an option.
Social media can be an alternative way for the artists and art galleries, collectors and other supporters to check-in, stay visible, stay connected and have a relaxed virtual audio and visual exchange.
  Even though our doors are closed right now, we want to ask for your support as art lover, to continue checking on us visiting our instagram account @whitecloudgallery. We are posting everyday all the amazing artwork that we have for sale in our gallery, so please if you like any piece displayed in our instagram account, don't hesitate to contact us.
Your help and contribution supporting our art community will make a big difference.
Be safe, be well...

"The only limitations that artists have to create their work

are the ones that they self impose"

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